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Hittech and TUDelft are developing a new generation of eye scanners for Easyscan

Easyscan Technology has been a valued customer of the Hittech Group for a long time. A joint technology development was recently successfully completed and presented in Mechatronics Magazine: “Hittech and TUDelft are developing a new generation of eye scanners for Easyscan”.

The scanning mirror is one of the core components in the OCT scanning system that can measure the shape of a retina. It scans the retina at a frequency of 4.5 kHz.

The mirror design was started as a joint technology development together with the Opto-mechatronics Group at TUDelft as part of the Hittech Technology project. This project combines innovation, collaboration with universities and a technology roadmap of customers to realize technology development in Product and Production Technologies and Material Sciences at the Hittech Group.

The design was a thesis project of Vilius Čechanavičius, a talented student who was coached by Easyscan as well as by the optics and mechatronics engineers at Hittech Multin.

The design is based on resonant scanning to reduce power consumption, simplify control electronics and  simplify the yoke design. This resulted in a robust and manufacturable design at limited costs. The mirror was built and successfully tested at Hittech Multin. Vilius graduated with an 8.5 and currently works as a mechatronic engineer at ASML.

For more information, please contact Pieter Kappelhof, Technology Manager at the Hittech Group in The Hague.


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