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Hittech Group expands by acquiring Landes High-End Machining

Hittech Group has strengthened its position as system supplier to the high-tech industry by acquiring Landes High-End Machining in Emmen (NL).

Landes is a specialist in the manufacturing industry with competences in automated high-end machining and with customers in challenging markets, including Semicon, Aerospace and the process industry, causing it to fit in well with the Hittech Group activities.

Landes is a profitable business with about 30 employees and over 6 million euro turnover. The company produces and supplies complex mechanical components and assemblies.

With Landes, Hittech is adding a specialist who will provide knowledge of automated production, and in addition to that, gives us access to the Aerospace market together with the knowledge of all the associated and relevant quality systems.

Hittech will continue the policy pursued and will further develop Landes at its location in Emmen. We are convinced that this will not only be positive for Landes and its employees, but also for its customers.

Landes will operate as a member of the Hittech Group under the name Hittech Landes.


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