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Interreg 2 Seas 3D & FPP project

Hittech Multin has contributed, together with seven organizations and universities, to the Interreg 2 Seas project 3D & FPP project (combination of 3D-Metal Printing & Flexible – Post – Processing). Hittech Multin contributed in Technical Project management and System Engineering. 
The project’s objective is to design, develop and implement one efficient, fast and affordable post processing solution based on existing technology that can be part of an integrated system for post processing AM parts. The Flexible Post Processing solution, makes it possible to determine the dimensions and orientation of the object and directly translate this to the control of a CNC machine. In this way, the surplus of stock material can be milled into the correct customer specific dimensions in one go. The FPP solution is universally applicable and suitable to retrofit ‘aged’ production machines .
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