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New DMU 100 Duoblock delivered at Hittech Bihca

From one of its customers, Hittech got the request to supply a relatively big part made out of grade 5 titanium. Machining parts with these dimensions, where you start with a solid block of approximately 200 kgs and where the final part only weighs about 30 kgs, and dealing with the distortions that come with that so that specific tolerances of the end product stay within the requested 20 µm region, is a core competence of Hittech Bihca. To fulfill the future customer demand of this part, an investment was made in a DMU 100 Duoblock.
When the new equipment was delivered, a large crane was needed to lift it off the truck and into the factory. And although calculations had shown that there should be no problem, it always stays nerve-racking to see 25 tons hanging in the air. The first part will be supplied early 2020.

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