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Ramlab and Hittech successfully delivered their first manufactured titanium part

RAMLAB has successfully delivered its first manufactured titanium (Ti6Al4V) part together with HITTECH for the AMable initiative, cutting down on material waste significantly. Traditional manufacturing processes, such as forging, require a machining process to reach the final shape, wasting up to 90% of material. RAMLAB developed a WAAM solution (GMAW-based) for the Ti6Al4V alloy and was able to reduce the buy-to-fly-ratio with 50%. Furthermore, the research showed the potential to reduce delivery time with several weeks.

Ti6Al4V is a titanium alloy with widespread use in many industry sectors thanks to its great material properties. With its high strength to weight ratio, corrosion resistance and biocompatibility, it is found in many aerospace, high tech, medical applications and in the chemicals processing industry.

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