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Visit of the Dutch Embassy to Hittech Wemac

Hittech Wemac Sdn Bhd was honoured by a visit of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, led by the Deputy Ambassador Ms Eva Oskam. Ms Eva Oskam is also the head of the economic section at the Embassy. She, her delegation and Marco Winter, Executive Director of the Malaysian Dutch Business Council were warmly received by the management team of Hittech Wemac. The visit not only offered opportunities for all parties to connect and to exchange views, but also to discuss the economic development in Malaysia and in the Netherlands. Detailed insights into the support level of Embassy as well as the Malaysian Dutch Business Council were exchanged. All visitors were eager to learn about Hittech Wemac’ business proposition and to visit the lean, value streamed manufacturing process.

The visit started with a short get to know each other, an introduction into Hittech Group business approach followed by a more detailed presentation about Hittech Wemac current value-added manufacturing processes and future growth plans. Hittech Wemac is a service provider of high precision machined products in engineering materials as well as value added module assemblies. The factory tour was conducted in two groups led by members of the management team. The lean production process, starting from raw material preparation to the high precision machining department and the state-of-the-art measurement machines was shown and explained. Hittech Wemac has highest focus on arrangement, identification and traceability of materials and products as well as cleanliness. The company tour ended with explanations on clean assemblies including ultra-violet (UV) contamination inspection as well the modern engineering, CNC machine programming and supply chain section.

The interesting visit ended with another round of exchanges of views and ideas, a very warm thanks from Ms Eva Oskam and a token of appreciation from the Embassy presented to the general manager, Mr. Paul Morach.



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