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Hittech is the system supplier for high-tech equipment where you can outsource your development, assembly, parts manufacture and material development with confidence. Our technical competences, long experience and tight project management to coordinate all activities, make Hittech the perfect partner to manage the entire product life cycle. We continuously improve our processes and the products we make and involve our customers through Value Engineering and resulting Product Roadmaps. There is a reason why we are Masters in Improvement. For more information about our possibilities, see Development, Assembly, Manufacturing and Materials.


At Hittech, we focus on products in which our competences can be optimally applied. In those instances where complexity, accuracy, strict regulations or other special criteria come into play, we are at our best. This is especially true for the main markets we focus on: the medical industry, the semicon industry, the market for measuring and analysis equipment and the packaging industry. We can see a certain synergy in these markets in terms of product requirements, applied technologies such as mechatronics and optics and the fact that the products have to be qualified, almost without exception. Our conscious focus means that we have built up extensive market experience and application knowledge in these main markets, so that we understand the customer well, as well as the circumstances in which our products have to function.

Global Footprint

With offices in Europe and Asia, Hittech is the ideal partner for OEM customers with an international purchasing strategy and local-for-local supply demands.


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