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A Cleanroom full of women

Is technical work exclusively for men? Of course not: a quarter of the 50 colleagues working in the brand-new cleanroom at Hittech Multin B.V. are women. All-round cleanroom operator Tatjana Verdoold explains why she started work in this section of the technical industry: “Many people still think that industrial work equals dirt and danger, and that’s a pity because, as you can see in the photo, it can’t get any
cleaner and safer than working in a cleanroom!”

“I was already interested in the world of fine, technical work and studied at the Leidse instrumentmakers School (LIS), an intermediate vocational school where students are trained as (research) instrument makers. The alumni from the LIS form a tight community, and most of them know Hittech. While waiting on a bench at Hittech Multin for my application meeting, I saw one of my former classmates walking by”

“I always liked giving my time and energy to organisations I’m excited about. For example, I was an ambassador for the LIS for over three years. And now I’m on the other side, working as an ambassador for Hittech for almost three years. Ambassadors are people who promote either a school or a company to students. I mostly give tours through our company and teach students at the LIS through guest lectures about the cleanroom.”

And what can you tell us about the cleanroom team, Tatjana? “A lot of young people are working here. The atmosphere is good, ‘gezellig’ as we say in The Netherlands, and it feels like a family. When two colleagues emigrated to Spain, we went over there to visit them. We use a Whatsapp group to organise sporting events, movie nights, and a nail treatment day for the girls. Well, the boys were also invited, but
none attended, haha!

Do you need new colleagues, too? “Yes, there are still a few job openings for our brand-new clean room. But my colleague from recruitment, Madri, can tell you all about that.”

Madri Singh, Corporate Recruiter at Hittech Multin B.V.: “Many jobs are available at Hittech Multin. For the latest jobs, click on jobs on our company page on LinkedIn or go to”

We thank Tatjana (in the middle on the second row) and her colleagues in the photo: Tama Mul, Claire Schyns, Romy V., Nikky Stacie, Patricia Treffers, Ingrid den Ouden, Rebecca de Zoete, Sabrina Jansen, Talin Kars and Sterre Bergsma.

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