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Application of Materials in the High Tech Industry

Last week the course Application of Materials in High Tech Industry started for the second time. It was kicked off by a presentation of Pieter Kappelhof, director Technology of the Hittech Group. This master course at the Delft University of Technology was the result of an initiative of the High Tech Industry, initiated by Hittech in 2020.

The course consists of 13 cases presented by the industry (ASML, Ceratec, BKB, Hittech, Huisman, Tata Steel, ThermoFisher, VDL), with the theory behind it explained in detail by experts from the Delft University. This year over 70 students follow the course, which is three times the amount of last year and an impressive number for an elective.

This joint effort once again underlines the importance and value of collaboration and cooperation between industry and university in the education of young engineers.

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