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Hittech Prontor GmbH

Hittech Prontor has an outstanding reputation as a reliable developer and system partner for our customers. Our expertise, competences and innovative drive in medical equipment technology, analytical...

Hittech Multin

Hittech Multin is a system supplier where development, value engineering, supply chain management and assembly are united in a single organisation. Uniting these disciplines results in synergy between thinking...

Hittech Comac

Hittech Comac is a contract manufacturer where supply chain management, assembly and testing are united within one company. Hittech Comac assembles mechanical and mechatronic machines, modules and equipment....

Hittech Bihca

Hittech Bihca is a supplier of high-quality precision components and special, high-quality materials, with tolerances of up to 2 microns. Thanks to our options for cleaning, cleanroom assembly, gluing, laser...

Hittech Landes

Hittech Landes in Emmen is a manufacturer and supplier of complex and high-precision mechanical products and mechanical assemblies to various markets, including the aerospace, the semicon industry and the...

Hittech Wemac

Hittech Wemac in Penang is a fast-growing company for the production of parts and the assembly of mechanical modules. In a modern, fully conditioned building, multi-axis milling and turning machines are used...

Hittech RSP Technology

Hittech RSP Technology Hittech RSP Technology produces and develops aluminium super alloys. The ultra-fast cooling technology “freezes” the liquid metal and creates a new super-strong alloy with a very fine...

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