The Hittech Group has a comprehensive package of competences. Our technical know-how and our commitment to continuous improvement means that we can provide you with the best possible support in every challenge.

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Project Management

Project management is a fully-fledged competence at Hittech Group. As with the other competences, we aim to be best in class. Customers...

Value Engineering

Value Engineering plays an important role in our Masters in Improvement philosophy. Products can always be improved, in terms of both...


Hittech Group has multiple assembly sites, each with its own specialisation and geographical location. In consultation with the...

Supply Chain Management

Here at Hittech, we realise that we need to join forces in the chain in order to be a successful system supplier for our customers....


This competence is more than just machining a part, it is about realising ready-for-assembly components. Our people take full...

Surface treatment

Hittech offers various surface treatment processes that we continuously improve. Every surface treatment in our competence portfolio...

Aluminium sand casting

Hittech Gieterij Nunspeet produces aluminium castings according to the sand casting process. The process is ideal for small and medium...

Additive Manufacturing

Hittech has extensive experience and knowledge of additive manufacturing. Together with a number of partners, Hittech provides...

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