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Fuji Seal celebrates 125th anniversary

Hittech Comac wants to congratulate Fuji warmly on its 125th anniversary.

The cooperation between Hittech Comac and Fuji started in 1996, so last year we had the pleasure of doing business together for 25 years. An event which we did not forget, but due to the pandemic couldn’t celebrate. We started our cooperation together as Intersleeve and Comac. Later, Intersleeve became Fuji Seal Europe and we became Hittech Comac.

We started working together on a small scale building mandrels, splice tables and film drives. This has now evolved in building complete systems such as the PSTU. This growth shows our success together and the involvement and drive of all employees on both sides are key in this. We want to make each other better and we are certain that we will continue to grow together and strengthen our relationship even further.

We would like to thank you for the trust you show in us and we’re looking forward to a successful common future.

On behalf of the Hittech Comac team we wish all the Fuji Seal employees a happy celebration!


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