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Hittech Colloquium on 3D Metal Printing

On September 30, the third Hittech Colloquium took place at the LOFT of Ramlab.

A great location with history and a beautiful view of the lively port of Rotterdam formed an inspiring environment for Hittech Engineers and guests from ASML, VDL, Thermo-Fisher and Madern to meet, listen and discuss 3d Metal printing.

Unfortunately, the colloquium had to be postponed twice due to Corona. However, this taught us how to organize hybrid events. For the first time, our German colleagues from Hittech Prontor were fully present on a large screen at the end of the lecture hall.

Guests and Colleagues listened to the presentations of Hittech Colleagues Marco Verloop, Koen Mentink and Dylan Sikkelbein clarifying production technology  aspects of near-net shape machining, as well as innovations in production by transfer of products like a Cooler for ASML made by means of machining of Titanium and a complex assembly process into a one piece metal printed product.

Presentations explaining the fundamentals of 3d Printing based on powder bed or WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) by two experts, Prof Marcel Hermans (TUDelft) and Benedetto di Castri (Ramlab), completed this interesting and insightful Colloquium.

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