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Hittech Multin B.V. Completes Successful 6-Month Reconstruction Project

Hittech Multin B.V. Multin recently completed a 6-month reconstruction project at their plant in The Hague, resulting in a 1.250 square metre ISO-7 work environment with ISO-5 flow benches and space for 70 clean room specialists. Despite the challenges of the construction project, the business had to continue as usual. Director of Operations Peter Reijneker explains how they managed this ultimate challenge.

“Initially, we considered building a new cleanroom and attaching it to the existing one to double our cleanroom capacity. However, it proved to be an inefficient solution. Instead, we undertook a 7-stage rebuild over six months, during which the old cleanroom was moved to a temporary destination in our former warehouse. Preparing that space according to ISO-7 standards was a challenging task. A new warehouse was built behind the existing building to make space for the new cleanroom.

The new cleanroom was designed to create a perfect working environment with no dust, grease or noise, and a new sprinkler system was installed to ensure business continuity. The facility includes a 3D measuring CMM, a separate glueing area and 2 UV inspection rooms. Qualification tools were placed on the floor on top of the cleanroom to save space and reduce noise. Sound-absorbing ceiling plates were added to create a serene atmosphere.”

The photo shows the Hittech Multin B.V. staff, with colleagues in white outfits who work in the Grade-2 areas and those in blue outfits who work in the Grade-4 areas.

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