Our customers set higher and higher standards as a result of increasingly challenging markets combined with rapid changes. In those instances where complexity, accuracy, cleanliness, strict regulations or other special criteria come into play, we are at our best. This particularly applies to the markets for medical equipment, the semicon industry, measuring & analysis equipment and the packaging industry. All our companies use the best professionals in their field, the proper knowledge of processes and materials and the latest production technologies. As a group, we offer the synergy of collaborating, relatively small and flexible companies that can decide and switch quickly. This way, we can offer the quality, reliability and flexibility that our customers demand from us.


In the medical sector, strict requirements and regulations are combined with innovative products and technologies. Hittech has many years of experience with various ISO 13485-certified companies for both production and development. The required quality is assured thanks to strict process control and continuous quality control.


The Semicon market, driven by Moore’s Law, demands the utmost in terms of accuracy, cleanliness and special production technologies. Hittech has been a system supplier for the top players in this market for over 20 years. This makes us the professional and reliable partner that customers need.

Measurement & Analysis

The market for measuring and analysis equipment and the technologies that make this possible are developing very quickly. Hittech offers customers in this market extensive knowledge in the field of conditioning, optics and other measuring principles.


In this rapidly growing market, the emphasis is on a high throughput, a high level of operational reliability and proper cost control. We know this market well and have the expertise, network structure and supply chain management to meet the requirements of our customers. We mostly supply modules and systems and offer our customers flexibility and cost advantages without sacrificing quality.

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