In this rapidly growing market, the emphasis is on a high throughput, a high level of operational reliability and proper cost control. We know this market well and have the expertise, network structure and supply chain management needed to meet the requirements of our customers. We mostly supply modules and systems and offer our customers flexibility and cost advantages without sacrificing quality.

Our customers, generally manufacturers of packaging machines, operate in a competitive environment with sometimes strict regulations, for example, hygiene regulations relating to the processing of foods or medicines. They demand high flexibility and fast response times at a competitive cost level, thereby imposing requirements on the structure of the organisation.

With regard to the systems and modules to be delivered, we select the production and assembly location within the group offering the best price-quality ratio. Where possible, we add value to new designs or improve existing designs through value engineering and redesign. Furthermore, we benefit from solid supply chain management with a strong supplier network, which enables us to provide the security of supply and flexibility required in this market.


See below for more information about Hittech companies engaged in Packaging

Hittech Comac

Hittech Comac is a contract manufacturer where supply chain management, assembly and testing are united within one company. Hittech Comac assembles mechanical and mechatronic machines, modules and equipment....

Hittech Wemac

Hittech Wemac in Penang is a fast-growing company for the production of parts and the assembly of mechanical modules. In a modern, fully conditioned building, multi-axis milling and turning machines are used...

Hittech Gieterij Nunspeet

Hittech Gieterij Nunspeet has been producing aluminium sand castings for over 80 years. Through the course of time, the company has specialised in the production of complex sand castings of high quality...

Person of contact for the packaging market

Tim Heijwegen

  • +31 493 35 22 22

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