Our customers in this segment are facing major challenges. The developments are going so fast and the demands on precision, cleanliness and operational reliability are so high that customers think twice about their choice of suppliers to work with. Hittech knows the trick of the trade. In over 20 years, Hittech, as a system supplier for the top players in this market, has built up a flexible network organisation. Through knowledge, technologies and guaranteed processes, Hittech scores high on quality, reliability of supply, technology and cost control.

Cleanroom and testing facilities are available at various companies. Hittech monitors customers’ needs with technology roadmaps, for example in the field of motion control, optics and cleanliness. This means that both knowledge and facilities are continuously and systematically expanded. We think along pro-actively from the earliest design phase in order to bring the functionality and manufacturability of systems, modules, components and materials to a high level. Not only through development and value engineering, but also by continuously working on production and quality processes that ensure reliable supplies.

Our people are highly educated, knowledgeable and think in practical solutions. They are also self-willed, albeit limited. Pro-activity and taking initiative is an important element of our corporate culture. We always go the extra mile to improve the products and our processes and to deepen our knowledge. Hittech is a network organisation that combines the knowledge of its own specialist companies with those of external partners. This makes us the ideal system supplier for this dynamic sector.


See below for more information about Hittech companies engaged in Semicon

Hittech Prontor GmbH

Hittech Prontor has an outstanding reputation as a reliable developer and system partner for our customers. Our expertise, competences and innovative drive in medical equipment technology, analytical...

Hittech Multin

Hittech Multin is a system supplier where development, value engineering, supply chain management and assembly are united in a single organisation. Uniting these disciplines results in synergy between thinking...

Hittech Bihca

Hittech Bihca is a supplier of high-quality precision components and special, high-quality materials, with tolerances of up to 2 microns. Thanks to our options for cleaning, cleanroom assembly, gluing, laser...

Hittech Wemac

Hittech Wemac in Penang is a fast-growing company for the production of parts and the assembly of mechanical modules. In a modern, fully conditioned building, multi-axis milling and turning machines are used...

Hittech Gieterij Nunspeet

Hittech Gieterij Nunspeet has been producing aluminium sand castings for over 80 years. Through the course of time, the company has specialised in the production of complex sand castings of high quality...

Person of contact for the semicon market

Philip Bakker

  • +31 70 75 75 085

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