Hittech Comac

Hittech Comac is a contract manufacturer where supply chain management, assembly and testing are united within one company. Hittech Comac assembles mechanical and mechatronic machines, modules and equipment. The focus is to deliver high quality products, good pricing and with high flexibility to meet all your requirements. Most customers come from the packaging, printing, food and general machine industries. Hittech Comac benefits from the competences of its sister companies within the Hittech Group, for example in the fields of design and engineering, making Hittech Comac a highly attractive production partner.


Hittech Comac focuses on the manufacturing of precision mechanical and mechatronic machines, modules, sub-modules and devices for OEM companies.


See below for more information about the competences of Hittech Comac

Supply Chain Management

Here at Hittech, we realise that we need to join forces in the chain in order to be a successful system supplier for our customers. Supply chain management at Hittech is all about using the production chain as...


Hittech Group has multiple assembly sites, each with its own specialisation and geographical location. In consultation with the customer we choose where the product fits best. Assembly is where all the...

Value Engineering

Value Engineering plays an important role in our Masters in Improvement philosophy. Products can always be improved, in terms of both functionality and costs, particularly in the markets in which Hittech is...

Project Management

Project management is a fully-fledged competence at Hittech Group. As with the other competences, we aim to be best in class. Customers must be satisfied with the execution of their projects to the extent that...


Hittech Comac | Monteur machinebouw

Als Monteur machinebouw ben je verantwoordelijk voor het mechanisch opbouwen en testen van submodules en complete industriële machines en apparaten. Je werkt aan de hand van stuklijsten, tekeningen en...

Hittech Comac | Productiemedewerker

Als productiemedewerker ben je verantwoor¬delijk voor het mechanisch opbouwen en testen van kleine samenstellingen. Je werkt aan de hand van werkinstruc¬ties en afhankelijk van de grootte van het pro¬ject werk...

Hittech Comac | BBL Monteur Mechatronica

Je loopt mee met een ervaren monteur om de kneepjes van het vak te leren. Je krijgt goede begeleiding zodat je steeds zelfstandiger kan werken. Het doel is om uiteindelijk de verantwoor¬delijk te krijgen voor...

Hittech Comac

Florijn 15
NL-5751 PC Deurne
T: +31 (0)493 352222
F: +31 (0)493 352226

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Director – Tim Heijwegen

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