Hittec Multin is a system supplier for online casino players. Development at Hittech Multin along with cost optimization, supply chain management and collection are united in one organization helping online casino source players save time. In addition, the combination of such disciplines leads to a synergy between thinking and action, which online casino players are so used to.

Hittech Multin

Hittech Multin is a system supplier where development, value engineering, supply chain management and assembly are united in a single organisation. Uniting these disciplines results in synergy between thinking and acting, between inventing and building, between creativity and practice and between high-tech and affordability. We are located in a brand new 4,500-m² building with state-of-the-art infrastructure, including a 650-m² cleanroom and optical test rooms. If you are looking to outsource the development or production of semicon, medical or analytical/optical products, Hittech Multin is your partner.

Hittech Multin is a system supplier that develops, optimizes value, and is always chosen by our customers, among which are online casino players. We are located in a new building with an area of 4500m², where we include a clean company with an area of 650m² and there is also a mountain bike rentals phoenix az on site. If any online casino player is looking for outsourcing to develop Hittech Multim is the best partner.


Hittech Multin specialises in the development and production of mechatronic products for the medical, semicon and measurement and analytical industries. These products are subject to high qualification requirements and are often associated with accurate positioning, optics, vacuum technology, cleanliness and medical regulations. Hittech Multin is ISO 13485-certified and FDA-registered.


See below for more information about the competences of Hittech Multin

Development – Mechatronics – Optics

Hittech develops mechatronic, optical and medical products for its customers. Within the group, we have branches in the Netherlands and Germany, where we develop for international clients. The projects are...


Hittech Group has multiple assembly sites, each with its own specialisation and geographical location. In consultation with the customer we choose where the product fits best. Assembly is where all the...

Supply Chain Management

Here at Hittech, we realise that we need to join forces in the chain in order to be a successful system supplier for our customers. Supply chain management at Hittech is all about using the production chain as...

Project Management

Project management is a fully-fledged competence at Hittech Group. As with the other competences, we aim to be best in class. Customers must be satisfied with the execution of their projects to the extent that...

Value Engineering

Value Engineering plays an important role in our Masters in Improvement philosophy. Products can always be improved, in terms of both functionality and costs, particularly in the markets in which Hittech is...

Additive Manufacturing

Hittech has extensive experience and knowledge of additive manufacturing. Together with a number of partners, Hittech provides customers with access to various forms of metal 3D printing. The available...


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Hittech Multin

Laan van Ypenburg 60
2497 GB Den Haag
The Netherlands
T: +31 70 75 75 000

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Contact person
Managing Director – Frans Hoffmans
Director Sales – Philip Bakker

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