Supply Chain Management

Here at Hittech, we realise that we need to join forces in the chain in order to be a successful system supplier for our customers. Supply chain management at Hittech is all about using the production chain as effectively and efficiently as possible. Only when all our suppliers are aware of our common goals and challenges will it be possible to optimise the chain as a whole. Hittech’s supply chain consists of a comprehensive network of national and international suppliers. Within this network, we aim for long-term partnerships with a strong commitment to work together.

Part of the objective of supply chain management is that our supply chain can be flexible in scaling with us in order to meet our customers’ changing demand. Naturally, changes are effected in a controlled manner in order to ensure the continuity of deliveries. Thanks to this collaboration methodology, Hittech companies have access to the latest technologies and the required capacity. Within the Hittech group, we have a strong base of manufacturing companies and a high knowledge level of manufacturability and production technologies. Since the various Hittech manufacturing companies form a permanent part of the supply chain, it provides flexibility, continuity and reliability for us and our customers.

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