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Production expansion in full swing

Production expansion at our companies is in full swing. Five new milling machines in six months for our colleagues at Hittech Bihca and Hittech MPP, we doubled the clean room capacity at Hittech Multin to 1,250 square metres, and new production buildings for our colleagues at Hittech Comac and Hittech Landes. We are truly investing in and preparing for
the future.

We asked Sonja van der Voort, Managing Director at Hittech Landes, why they are building a new production facility for their company in Emmen. Sonja: “We have grown fast in the past years and invested in additional five-axis milling machines. Currently, we have more machines than floor space. A few machines are in storage. The demand for lightweight aluminium for the aviation industry is high, but the demand for titanium products is also very high. We can process all kinds of materials because we serve many industries.”

What can you tell us about the new building? Sonja: “The temperature management will be much better through state-of-the-art isolation and thermal recovery. When the conditions are constant, the machines will perform better, and the results will be more stable. We expect the hall to be ready at the end of May. Before the summer, we will start moving the machines, and we expect the production in the new building to be at full speed in September.”

Soon, we will be able to share more information about the opening activities we will organise for our stakeholders.

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