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The advantages of working in Ypenburg Business Park

Frans Hoffmans, managing director of Hittech Multin, explains why settling in the Hague area is a good idea. “The region has a long history surrounded by the Rotterdam Harbour, the high-tech Agriculture region, and excellent education institutes such as the Leidse instrumentmakers School and the TU Delft. It makes the region a healthy environment for technical talent. But when there is so much talent in the region, we must offer them something unique to keep them here. I think what differentiates us from other high-tech companies in the region is the diversity of our work and clients.”

The photo was taken last week during a roundtable discussion between representatives of the three most successful companies in the Technology Park Ypenburg – The Hague regarding growth. Hittech has two companies in the business park: Hittech Multin and Hittech MPP.

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