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The art of Intercultural recruitment

Hiring new colleagues from foreign cultures requires more than a contract. Our company, Hittech Bihca, is less than 7 km from Germany, and they have more than enough experience looking over the borders.

The three guys in the photo are from three different countries (Portugal, Italy, and Romania) who wanted to build a new life in the Netherlands using their technical expertise. With the help of Jan Willem Lueksen from JAWS | Technisch Intermediair, we found these highly skilled and motivated new colleagues and prepared them for work and life in The Netherlands.

Heleen van der Sloot Floors, HR professional at Hittech Bihca, explains this onboarding process. “Next to the administrative part of recruiting international staff, we deal with housing and language barriers. The team from JAWS is a great help with the housing part, and we help to take care of the language barrier.
Understanding and speaking English is a must for joining our team. But there is more: we also care about community building outside the office. For example, one colleague from Romania has a wife and child, so we helped them find a proper daycare solution for the child so they could both work.”

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