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The Critical Role of Titanium in Aviation Components

Why do aeroplanes need Titanium? We all know they must be as light as possible, so aluminium is the preferred choice of metal. But sometimes they need stronger materials such as Titanium. And that’s when you go to Sonja van der Voort, Managing Director of Hittech Landes, our aviation specialists in Emmen, The Netherlands.

We asked her what makes the high-end metal machining for the aviation industry so unique. “The components we produce need to be extremely precise in fitting the other components on the plane; it must endure extreme temperatures and be failsafe, to name a few. To be allowed to even work in the aviation industry, companies such as ours need AS 9100 and ISO 9001 certifications. We have worked for renowned aviation companies since 1970.”, says Sonja.

And where can we find these components in the plane? “Next time you’re on a plane, look at the bathroom handle; big chance we made them”.

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