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The Multin Qualification Framework (MQF)

We aim for perfection to excel in mechatronics.

There is no alternative to high quality if you want to excel in mechatronic systems. All components and (sub)assemblies we manufacture at Hittech must be thoroughly tested and qualified before we can ship them to our customers without any exceptions.

That isn’t as straightforward as it may sound. The complexity of the designs we build is ever-increasing, making it harder to produce them flawlessly. Moreover, the quality requirements are becoming more strict by the year. As a result, the production and qualification processes – which in the past used to be mainly manual, operator dependent and therefore not as objective and consistent as we would like – were beginning to form a bottleneck in the realisation process. Our solution? Automating and standardising our internal qualification tooling and procedures as much as possible.

The MQF software directly links the measuring equipment and the test engineers.

Our efforts have culminated in the Multin Qualification Framework (MQF). A platform completely designed by Hittech Multin engineers that is deeply embedded in the full organisation and is accessible for everyone, from the operator on the production floor to the designer and even for selected customers.

The MQF software directly links the measuring equipment and the test engineers. They can drop product-specific plugins into the platform. These so-called Q-tools consist of many predefined or reused building blocks, further enhancing the reliability and robustness of qualification. MQF translates all test requirements and boundary conditions to the relevant measuring hardware tools and visualises the results through a standard GUI.

The MQF software displays data from our Thread Verification Robot.

What’s in it for me as a customer? Apart from guaranteeing that even the most challenging and complex systems you receive are of the highest quality, the MQF platform has many more advantages. For starters, since we have streamlined the qualification process, we can deliver faster and cheaper. The test data is stored automatically and can be disclosed to customers for extensive data analysis or Statistical Process Control (SPC). Furthermore, the tool can be accessed by your own testing software through an API.

Truth be told, the main reason for developing the MQF is standardisation within Hittech so we can effectively and efficiently produce the most intricate and demanding designs. When your system falls into that category, the MQF platform ensures we can help you.

We thank our software engineer, Casper van Wezel, for his contribution.

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