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Two new CNC milling machines for Hittech Wemac

Hittech Wemac has successfully located into a larger and more suitable factory in Batu Kawan (Penang, Malaysia). Together with the move, 2 brand new CNC milling machines arrived today. Hartford LG 800 will produce parts utilizing 4 axis simultaneous machining, while Hartford MVP-11 is for large and flat plates.

Hittech Wemac produces very precisely machined parts and large plates with incredible flatness tolerances. In addition, Hittech Wemac also offers high-end value-added assemblies.

In the brand new factory, Hittech Wemac is your service provider for

  • Complex and accurate machined parts in various kinds of metals and engineering plastics
  • Large plates with incredible flatness tolerances in aluminium and stainless steel
  • Integrated supply chain solutions with sourcing capabilities in Asia and jointly with our sister companies in Europe
  • Value added assembly services for mechanical assemblies and modules including testing
  • Value added assembly services for electro-mechanical module assembly and testing

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