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Breaking Boundaries in Optical Precision

Our colleagues, Pieter Kappelhof and Timo Kouwenhoven, will present a demonstrator and poster of a unique tunable resonant scanning mirror at the Dutch Society for Precision Engineering Conference in Sint-Michielsgestel, the Netherlands.

Scanning mirrors are commonly used in optical systems to direct reflected light. By utilizing resonance, high-frequency oscillation can be achieved with low-power input. However, most resonant scanning mirrors are designed to operate at a specific frequency. In this project, a new solution has been proposed by tuning the resonant frequency of a scanning mirror and exciting higher-order modes to cover a wide frequency range of 500 Hz to 5 kHz.

Our former intern from TU Delft, @Jiajin-Li, graduated cum laude on the development of this setup under the supervision of Pieter Kappelhof. Jiajin, who currently works at ASML, will present this subject at the conference at 10 AM in Session 4 about Precision Mechanics on Wednesday, 27 September.

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