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Celebrating 40 years of regional recruitment

How do you maintain a strong company culture in a rapidly growing organisation? We asked the three colleagues responsible for personnel policy at Hittech Bihca B.V. in Winterswijk: Fenny Assink, Marieke Smit-Fenneman and Heleen van der Sloot Floors (pictured left to right).

Fenny began working in 1984 when there were less than ten employees. “I supported the former director with administration using a typewriter and a card box, and I even walked around with a coffee cart during breaks. Over the years, the company has grown to have over a hundred employees, prompting the current director, Koen Mentink, to look for reinforcement.”

Marieke Smit – Fenneman joined the organisation a year ago to strengthen the team: “I recognised that the company is known for its strong sense of community and company culture. Fenny and Koen managed personnel policy with just the two of them, and I greatly respect that. Today, new employees often come from different countries, making it even more important to guard the corporate culture. To monitor this, we focus on employee satisfaction and commitment, which means knowing what is happening in the organisation. We organise trial days during recruitment, for example, allowing new candidates to get to know the team to see if there is a good fit.”

Heleen van der Sloot Floors joined the organisation recently and has years of experience recruiting technical professionals in the Achterhoek region. She has an extensive network and understands the regional culture. “Currently, there is no recruitment problem regarding production staff. Still, we have three vacancies that we want to fill quickly: an Inside Sales Representative, a Production Team Leader and an additional Quality Engineer.”

For more information about the three vacancies at Hittech Bihca in Winterswijk, go to the jobs tab on our LinkedIn page or email Heleen or Marieke at

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