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Challenging Supply Chain Management

Assembling a few hundred parking terminals for IPPARKING comes with challenging supply chain management. The Head of the Business Office at Hittech Comac, Sander Meulendijks, is central to this dynamic challenge. 

Sander: “IP Parking has been a client for over 7 years. I want to keep supplies to a reasonable minimum, especially the space-consuming plate metal. Having all the parts here on time can be challenging, but for me, it’s a lot of joy to make it happen. I have a good relationship with Peter Paijmans, Manager of Operations at IP Parking, and we align the planning from time to time. Sometimes, the terminals in the field are damaged by cars or even vandalised; in those cases, we need to respond really fast. We want to help our client as good as possible by being a turnkey supplier. For these parking terminals, we deliver the terminals, and we assemble and calibrate the printers for the terminals.”

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