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Change at the workplace.

The two people at the table have two things in common: they are married to each other and will enjoy their pensions after working for several years at our company, Hittech Landes in Emmen (NL). On the left is Klaas Cazemier: he has worked for almost 15 years for Hittech, and on the right is his wife, Wilma. Klaas convinced Wilma to join the company almost 9 years ago. On their last day at work last week, they received a souvenir from their colleagues.

Sonja van der Voort, Managing Director of Hittech Landes: “It’s part of my job, but seeing people go is always hard. Klaas and Wilma deserve their pension, and in the past two months, two other colleagues have also reached their pension. One of them worked for us for 40 years. For me, this reflects a good working environment.”

How do you fill the gap?

Sonja: “We recruited a few young people in the past year who follow a so-called BBL education (a combination of work and study). Furthermore, we continue to automate our processes by purchasing new machines connected to robots. But still, we need skilled people. Next to changes in the workforce, we will soon move to a new workplace. We need more space, and we even have machines in our warehouse waiting to be installed. But looking at the planning, I think we will be up and running on July 1.”

We all thank Klaas and Wilma for their dedication to the Hittech Group and wish them
a fulfilling and joyous retirement.

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