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Collaboration Hittech Comac and Qlayers

Due to Qlayers company’s rapid growth and increasing global demand for their coating robots, they signed a contract with Hittech Comac to take over the production and assembly of the new fleet of 10Q crawlers and trailers. Hittech Comac produces mechanical and mechatronic systems for the industrial OEM market. What is so unique about Hittech is their flexibility and versatility, which allows them to move fast just like Qlayers do.

Mark Verstegen – Head of Production of Qlayers: “Hittech – Qlayers collaboration enables us to speed up our production output. Hittech demonstrated a strong work ethic and a keen eye for important details. This collaboration enables mutual growth. We are very excited for our next production batches together.”

The design and production of Qlayers’ patented hood will continue to be done by a team of engineers in #Qlayers’ HQ in Delft. The hood is an essential and unique feature of the robots that ensures the high transfer efficiency and paint adhesion to substrate as well as prevention of overspray.

For more information about the (10Q) coating robots and the unique hood technology, please visit the website of Qlayers.

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