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Employee assistance within Hittech

At Hittech there is a cooperation within the machining companies. If there is too much work, it is first considered whether one of the sister companies can take over part of the work. However, this is not always possible due to a certain type of machine that is required for the work.
Hittech Bihca has obtained a number of projects that require CAM work. With CAM, a computer program tells the machine how to hold the product and how the machine should process the product. This CAM work is carried out by the 5-axis employees of Hittech Bihca.
Due to the many projects, a limited staff capacity was created at Hittech Bihca to keep the 5-axis machines up and running, so a “staff assistance” question was set out at Hittech Prontor. Hittech Prontor quickly came up with a positive response and sent Mr Oelschlager for several weeks to Hittech Bihca.
Mr Oelschlager has shown more than satisfied commitment and the cooperation has been experienced as very positive from both sides.

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