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Excursion MSc. Students TU Delft at Hittech Multin

Last week Hittech Multin organized an excursion in collaboration with Dispuut Taylor of the TU Delft.

The excursion was aimed at the masters students of the Precision and Microsystems Engineering department of the Mechanical Engineering faculty.

During their master, these students focus on High-Tech Engineering in the fields of precision mechanics and (opto-)mechatronic design, which is a perfect match with the competences that Hittech Multin focuses on.

The program prepared by Hittech Multin consisted of a presentation, a guided tour and a case study, ending with informal drinks.

By means of the presentation and the guided tour, the students were able to get a clear picture of Hittech Multin as a company, and of the cool projects that Hittech Multin works on. In addition, the case study provided the students with a brief introduction to the typical engineering challenges that you can work on as a mechanical/mechatronic engineer.

All in all; the excursion was very successful and Hittech Multin is delighted to help students get a better picture of the High Tech industry in the Netherlands!


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