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Fast and accurate order picking

With around 10.000 unique items in stock, fast and accurate order picking is daily business for our colleague Nica Tirani at Hittech Multin. The Kardex automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) helps her organise our inventory and maximise storage capacity. This system has approximately 85% of all items we need for assembly in stock.

We asked her how it works: “The screen displays a new work order, after which I print a sticker with the corresponding part numbers. The system has different box sizes, and we use them in two colours: black for medical parts and blue for cleanroom parts. Some parts are very fragile and can only be handled with gloves. I started working here last September, but by now, I know quite well which parts need which treatment as soon as a part is almost running out of stock. After collecting the work order, I bring it to the corresponding assembly department. It keeps me very mobile, and I get to know my colleagues in different departments in this way, which I like a lot”.

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