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Hittech Bihca starts project in cooperation with German University of Applied Sciences

In the region in which Hittech Bihca is located, the nearest Universities of Applied Sciences are located in Arnhem (60 kms from Hittech Bihca) and Enschede (40 kms from Hittech Bihca), while a German University of Applied Sciences is located only 17 kms from Hittech Bihca.

Hittech Bihca therefore became a member of the German University of Applied Sciences and this came to the attention of the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Mrs. Hanke Bruins Slot. She invited Bihca’s MD Koen Mentink and Simon Boeing-Messing (8HRK ambassador) for an interview during a working visit to, among others, 8HRK, a partnership of entrepreneurs, organizations and government in the Achterhoek (NL).

Hittech Bihca is going to start a project with the German University in collaboration with 6 other companies. During this project, we will rent a 3D metal printer and use it to gain knowledge of metal printing. An additional advantage is that we immediately expand our network across the border with companies such as Siemens, Spaleck, Flender and Grunewald.

The German Universities of Applied Sciences are generally more focused on proven results than their Dutch counterparts. At a Dutch University of Applied Sciences you usually see the projects on paper, while at the German Universities of Applied Sciences a tangible product has usually been made.

An example: a switchgear company needed a small safety switch. To this end, various products were developed by a team of students. One of these products was so well-designed, that a patent was immediately applied for.

(Photo: Koen Mentink, Minister Hanke Bruins-Slot and Simon Boeing-Messing)


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