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LEGO for cleanroom students

How can LEGO help students prepare themselves for a future in setting up production lines and working in a cleanroom? Last week, our colleagues Tatjana Verdoold and Jörgen Petri gave an inspiring college at the Leidse instrumentmakers School (LIS). Together, they delved into the world of cleanrooms and showed how to set up a flawless production line. Two groups of students competed against each other by building mini semicon-machines out of LEGO in three rounds. Each participant had their own crucial role in this challenging task.

Our aim was not only to get them to know our company but also to show students that engineering does not always have to be big, bulky and dirty. It can just as easily be small, fine and clean. The students were enthusiastic and learned the ropes of the cleanroom profession. Even some teachers came to take a look and got involved in the lesson. It was a successful day where knowledge was shared, enthusiasm was generated, and new perspectives were opened up.

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