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New master’s program ‘Applications of materials in high-tech engineering’

On February 8, the new master’s program at the 3ME faculty of the TUDelft “Applications of materials in high-tech engineering” started. Pieter Kappelhof, Technology Director at Hittech Group, gave the first lecture in which he explained the importance of knowledge about production and materials in the design process.

This unique course combines 13 cases presented by the industry (ASML, Ceratec, BKB, Eurotechniek, Hittech Group, Huisman, Ramlab, ThermoFischer and VDL) with lectures explaining the theoretical background by TUDelft lecturers. The initiative to strengthen the training of academic designers with knowledge about production and materials science is a joint effort of ASML, ThermoFischer, VDL and Hittech and was initiated by Cor Heijwegen, chairman of the supervisory board of the Hittech Group.

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