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New RGA facility in operation at Hittech Multin

Hittech Multin has formally released its new in-house Residual Gas Analysis (RGA) facility. The system has gone through an extensive test and qualified program since July 2020 and is now in use for series production of ultra clean mechatronic modules (e.g. under ASML Grade 2 molecular cleanliness specifications). The RGA system is used to analyze both mono-parts and assemblies on outgassing rate of water (H2O), Volatile hydrocarbons (CxCy V) and Non-Volatile Hydrocarbons (CxCy NV). The tool provides our specialist full control on the cleanliness of production our output and the introduction of the system substantially increases our flexibility as qualification lead-times are shortened.

The investment fits perfect in the further development of Cleanliness as one of Hittech’s strategic competences.

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