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New Collaboration in Advanced Manufacturing

Hittech Group & 3T Additive Manufacturing Ltd have formalised a #partnership to create an advanced manufacturing Joint Venture.

This partnership brings together 3T Additive Manufacturing Ltd expertise in #MetalAM and Hittech Group expertise in design, integration and parts manufacturing to serve amongst others, but not exclusively, the #semiconductor industry.

Hittech Group always strives to be the best in what they do. “Already in a very early stage, we indicated that additive manufacturing is going to play a crucial role in our industrial landscape” says Marco Verloop, COO from Hittech Group. “We then had a choice to either buy some machines and start learning on our own, or we could partner up with the best companies out there. At Hittech, we choose the latter.”

Daniel Johns explains: “At the core of our business is a strong vision for setting the sustainable manufacturing standard, and a committed belief that net-zero is achievable if we leverage the entire value chain. We can’t do this alone, and it’s why we want to deepen our partnership with Hittech. Together we can offer a route to component decarbonisation by combining our expertise.”

Read the full press release:

Hittech Group BEAMIT Group – Additive Manufacturing Technologies Sandvik Additive Manufacturing

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