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On the lookout for new surface treatments

Our company in Germany is currently implementing a new surface coating capability for our very specialised camera shutters, promising a significantly extended lifetime of up to two or even three times.

Ralph Bauer, Manager of Development at Hittech Prontor, explains that the requirements for endurance and repeatability placed on shutters, especially for airborne photography, are constantly increasing. “The previous Teflon-based anti-friction coating has reached its limit regarding endurance and environmental aspects. We are currently working with different suppliers on an alternative solution. The solution we’re exploring is a very thin and hard vapour deposition coating. Our tests have been more than satisfactory, and we anticipate finalising the implementation in the next few weeks. With the new coating, we will have a PFAS-free low-friction coating, which will reliably meet the demanding requirements of our customers.”

Reach out to our Sales Consultant, Michael Stritt, if you would like to get additional information.

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