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Producing big titanium structures using 3D printing

Producing big titanium structures using 3D printing: most of our clients thought it couldn’t be done. And to be honest: it took us years of innovation and investments in time and money, but together with Norsk Titanium we did it.

Our COO Marco Verloop explains: ‘For bigger Titanium structures standard ‘powder bed printing’ is not the solution, so we searched for other technologies. In 2014 we partnered with Norsk Titanium and supported their qualification efforts for Boeing, and in 2021 the first semiconductor machine carrier was produced.

At Norsk Titanium, they 3D print the rough near-net shape, and we take care of the high-precision completion. The result: the same light weight-strength but only 15% of the materials.’ #innovation #3dprinting #semiconductor #Hittech

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