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Quality inspection to master improvement

This post explains why our colleague Robin van Eijk is taking photos of this high-tech machine. Robin is one of the 50 experts working in the Hittech Multin cleanroom. In this photo, he is checking a machine from a
client in the semicon industry that has been sent back to us for inspection after years of operation. Robin: “Outgoing inspection is an essential part of our mission to master improvement. We inspect and check every part and system very thoroughly before it leaves one of our companies. Sometimes, machines are returned for analysis or damage repair. My job is first to inspect the machine to determine the problem and if it is still in the shape we delivered it. Our clients want their machines back as if they were new, that is why I take photos to register scratches, the condition of screws and other parts. We offer a long warranty period, and it is up to my colleagues in the cleanroom and me to check if the product falls under warranty or if a damaged product has to be repaired. Mapping out the problem is an important step in solving it for the client and learning and improving our processes. In the end, the quality must remain perfect.” Are you interested in working for our company in The Hague? Please check the current job openings on our jobs tab.

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