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Revolutionizing Titanium Usage

Can you imagine we couldn’t use almost 90% of the precious titanium in our high-precision finishing in the old days? Koen Mentink, managing director of our plant in Winterswijk, explains the effects: “I had to get out at night during the high-end finishing of titanium carriers for one of our semicon clients because the crates collecting the scraps were full at those moments, and this stopped our machines. We did not throw away the scrap; this was reused by specialist companies, which only offered a portion of the original value.”

“But it did hurt to see titanium being wasted, so after years of exploring new technologies, I was very excited to switch to the high-end finishing of 3D printed titanium (3DRPD) structures we developed with Norsk Titanium. And honestly, it is a lot better for my night’s rest as well!”

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