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Revolutionizing Tulip Selection

Faster, cheaper, easier: a daily request at our Hittech Comac plant in Deurne. After the first batch of tulip selection robots was released earlier this year, our client, H2L Robotics, developed the first update of the S180 model according to the feedback from the field.

The robots have been tested during tulip season in New Zealand, and based on the lessons learned, our specialists have produced a batch of 30 new robots. Improvements have been made to the dispense head so that the liquid can be applied more accurately and to the manual controls. These changes result in a more stable and better Selector S180.

The tulip selection robot autonomously drives through the tulip fields using GPS-RTK. Cameras scan the tulips, after which an AI (Artificial Intelligence) network analyses the images for disease patterns. The treatment robot then takes care of treating the leaves.

We thank Bert Jan Kampherbeek and Vania Jerusha of H2L Robotics for their pleasant cooperation. Would you like to know more about the Hittech Comac robotics assembly plant in Deurne? Please send a message to our colleague Karin Eevers.

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