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Tunable resonant mirror

Masters of Improvement in Technology

Hittech Group has an internal Technology Project in which we focus on technology development for Product Development, Production and Materials. We work for example on photonics, mechatronics, 3d print, Statistic Process Control as well as on optimization  of RSP production technologies.

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We are proud to present one of the results in our laser positioning program. In collaboration with the opto-mechatronics group at the TU Delft we developed a new concept for a tunable resonant scanning mirror. Jiajin Li, currently mechatronics engineer at ASML, graduated cum laude on this concept, which he designed and tested successfully during his Thesis Project at Hittech Multin.

Read more about this “pivotal innovation” in a recent publication in Mikroniek.

For further information please contact Pieter Kappelhof, Technology Manager at the Hittech Group in The Hague.


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