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From The Hague to the Black Forest: Jordy Pronk’s Seamless Career Transition with Hittech Prontor

29-year-old Jordy Pronk needed a new challenge in his life, and he couldn’t find it in his hometown, The Hague. He asked his Hittech Prontor colleagues in Germany if he could make a career switch to their office in the beautiful Black Forest. ‘No problem,’ they said, so Jordy and his girlfriend packed their bags and moved into a little town near Bad Wildbad.

And the transition went very smoothly, as Jordy explains: ‘I was surprised that the culture at the German office was not much different from the one I knew from The Netherlands’, says Jordy. ‘The same open culture and not too hierarchical. The language was not an issue. As most Dutch people learn a bit of German in school and the languages are similar, changing over is not too difficult.

What I like the most about living here is the beautiful environment. The saying “living where other people go on holidays” feels true. Being able to hike/walk/cycle in nature every weekend is lovely. If we miss the city, we hop in the car and drive to Stuttgart or Karlsruhe, which are also not far away.”

If you’re looking for a career in the Hittech Group, with offices in The Netherlands and Germany, send your resume directly to Madri Singh (NL) or Oliver Keicher (DE).

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