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Harmony in the Black Forest

Great weather and so many lovely people: the annual Summer Party of Hittech Prontor GmbH in Germany’s Black Forest took place on September 15. This year, a brand-new team organised this event for employees and their families with great anticipation.

Managing Director Volker Kiefer opened the summer party with a speech and was pleased with so many visitors. Several attractions were offered, and the local football club from Bad Wildbad took care of a variety of food from the grill next to a German beer cart to quench everybody’s thirst.

“A highlight of the summer party was our trainee in the mechatronics department, who presented her talent. She accepted song requests and brought a smile to the faces of all visitors with her singing,” says Oliver Keicher, Manager of HR & Accounting at Prontor. “I saw many children of the staff having fun; maybe one day they will work here, as well. We can always use talented people!”

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