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Man versus robot: Qlayers

Our client, Qlayers, has developed a coating robot that reduces the number of working hours at heights by up to 80%. We asked their CFO, Jonno van der Donk, why they wanted to work with our colleagues from Hittech Comac for the production of their robot.

“The cost of goods sold, the sum of all direct costs associated with making a product, has always been a key driver in searching for experienced and cost-effective suppliers because it is very important to maintain a business case for our customers. Today, more than ever, production costs seem to keep rising. We knew Hittech’s reputation as an experienced supplier with extensive production knowledge and a strong and reliable network. We are in a successful scale-up stage and need a solid partner to minimise risks.”

Our project manager at Hittech Comac, Maurice Smolders, explains how they try to keep production cost-effective. “First, we analyse the production specifications we receive from a serial production point of view. We enter the bill of materials and often discover steps that could be improved. We discuss alternative production steps with our contact at Qlayers and make the necessary adjustments accordingly.”

Hittech Comac is preparing a new order for a batch of robots, which is set to be completed by April.

We thank Van der Ende Steel Protectors Group and Thi Nguyen for the video.

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