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Hittech is the system supplier for high-tech equipment where you can outsource your development, assembly, parts manufacture and material development with confidence. Our technical competences, long experience and tight project management to coordinate all the activities we carry out for you, make Hittech the perfect partner to manage the entire product life cycle. We continuously improve our processes and the products we make and involve our customers through Value Engineering and resulting Product Roadmaps. There is a reason why we are Masters in Improvement. For more information about our possibilities, see Development, Assembly, Manufacturing and Materials.


Hittech successfully translates challenging product requirements into effective mechatronic or optical designs for new technological applications and existing products. With our approach in value engineering, redesign and improvement management, we raise the results for our customers to an ever higher level during the product life cycle.


Hittech assembles modules and systems. We distinguish ourselves through strong supply chain management and tight project management in the preparation phase. We organise the entire process with a focus on quality, logistics, technology and costs. Depending on the specifications, we select the most suitable assembly location within the group.


The production of parts with complete responsibility for the end product has been a long-standing specialty of ours, if required up to the highest levels of accuracy and complexity. With our worldwide production locations and dual source options, we offer our customers reliability of supply, assurance and flexibility. Hittech is also the right partner for the surface treatment of your parts.


We cast aluminium in a highly automated process and use our material knowledge to develop and produce alloys with unique properties. We are the only system supplier to do melt-spinning and sand casting in-house, enabling us to find unique solutions with you.

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