Project Management

Project management is a fully-fledged competence at Hittech Group. As with the other competences, we aim to be best in class. Customers must be satisfied with the execution of their projects to the extent that we are the obvious choice for future projects. The projects of our customers are always exciting: the market is ready, ideas have been worked out, but now something actually has to be developed or made and time is running out. Our project teams are second to none in finding the right balance between the quality of the final product, the costs of the project and the ever-present time pressure. This creates a competitive advantage for both our client and ourselves.

IPMA as the standard

The IPMA philosophy is used throughout the project organisation, with specific focus on the competences of the project leader. All standard project management tools are, of course, present but the competences of the project leader are decisive. Inherent to this philosophy is the far-reaching responsibility and mandate of the project leader for his or her project. He or she is expected to do whatever is necessary to successfully complete the project for the customer.

Pro-active action

The success of our project management can mainly be attributed to the pro-active attitude of our project teams and the open way of communication. This is the result of extensive experience in the manufacturing industry and continuous training of our employees.

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